About Me

A tireless explorer in life. My name is Jing Paul. I'm an Associate Professor of Chinese in the Asian Studies Program at Agnes Scott College and the founding director of the Agnes Scott College Critical Language Immersion Program.


My research primarily investigates the typological characteristics of different languages in their expression of motion events via speech and gestures. In recent years, my focus has been on Mandarin Chinese and an endangered southwestern Mandarin dialect called Babao (八宝话 bābǎo huà). As a language teacher, I enjoy exploring culturally enriching fun ways of teaching Chinese. My students and I write characters with dance ribbons; we drum to reflect the rhythm of two-syllable words; we voice social justice in creative stories...

Music enchants me. In recent years, I started to pursue three musical instruments: the Chinese Zither (古筝 gǔzhēng), the Chinese Lute (琵琶 pípá), and the harp (竖琴 shùqín). I am a cat lover and mother of two adventurous girls.