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Media Attention


Made-up sounds convey meaning across cultures. Scientific American, September 2021 Issue. link

No shared language? No problem! People across cultures understand clues from ‘vocal charades.’ Science Magazine, May 14, 2021. link

Berliner Forscher: Sprache ist auch aus Lautmalereien entstanden (Berlin Researchers: Language also emerged from onomatopoeia). Berliner Zeitung (Berlin Newspaper), June 15, 2021. link

Can YOU understand them? Scientists reveal the ‘iconic sounds’ our ancient ancestors used for the words ‘water’, ‘cut’, ‘tiger’ and ‘good’ – and say people of ANY language can decipher them. Daily Mail. May 12, 2021. link

'Iconic’ sounds may be missing link to language. Language Magazine, May 12, 2021. link

Ancestors may have created ‘ironic’ sounds as bridge to first languages. University of Birmingham Press, United Kingdom, May 12, 2021. link

Spoken language could tap into 'universal code.' Science, August 12, 2015. link

Researchers study how sounds convey meaning. ACTFL SmartBrief, August 13, 2015.


'星谈基金助乔州学生学中文' [STARTALK Grant supports Georgia students in studying Chinese]. World Journal, June 29, 2018.

Unraveling the mystery: A project explores how to learn foreign language better. Agnes Scott College Magazine, 2018, 13(2), 11. link

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